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The CLM Experience

At Core Line Marketing, we realize that quality personnel is the key to success.  Our team combines education, experience and personal motivation to ensure that our clients’ best interests are served.  We strive to be leaders in our field through proven sales ability, knowledge of the marketplace, and efficient, courteous service.  However, good salesmen alone will not ensure success; the sales force must be managed effectively, and in accordance with the goals and missions of the individual manufacturers.


Core Line Marketing currently employs five individuals covering a territory which extends from North Carolina through Florida, and across to Mississippi. The states are divided into five regions, each with one Territory Manager assigned.  Everyone is goal driven, and compensated in a way that will foster sales growth.  Our Marketing Manager is responsible for the implementation of broadcast faxing, direct mail and e-mail efforts to all of the agency’s customers.  He also consults with customers in regards to sales promotions, flyers, catalog and web site production, and e-commerce.  The Principals, in addition to territorial responsibilities, service  and/or monitor major accounts, and ensure efficient  administration and management of the group.


The individuals who make-up the group bring a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to the organization.  Combined, the group has over sixty years of service in the industry.  More importantly, the individual backgrounds range from manufacturing, to wholesale distribution, to retail and manufacturer sales; providing a well-rounded array of talent.